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The carpet cleaning industry is rife with misinformation, outdated beliefs and old wives tales.  Let us clear the air by answering your frequently asked questions below.

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Should I Vacuum Before The Carpet Cleaner Arrives?

Yes, this is a crucial step in the cleaning process. However, our technician will provide deep vacuuming before cleaning as a part of the service at a small additional charge. Furthermore, vacuuming is essential to the longevity of your carpet. You should vacuum as often as possible.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Rotovac?

The manual scrub wand is a good cleaning tool for cleaning lightly soiled carpet. When cleaning more heavily soiled carpet, the wand became a ‘beast of burden.’ Cleaning results depend upon the strength, stamina, and technique of the person working the wand. Cleaning heavily soiled carpets with a scrub wand is ‘hard labour.’ The repetitive motion of scrubbing back and forth is extremely strenuous and fatiguing. An individual can not scrub long enough to effectively clean your carpets. First and foremost the Rotovac is an electric power scrubbing tool. Comparing the Rotovac to a wand is like comparing a skill saw to a hand saw. We have converted a back and forth manual task to a much easier and more efficient rotary mechanized operation. Which makes more cleaning passes per minute than is possible with a manual scrub wand. In addition, the cleaning passes are from all directions rather than just back and forth. This is what produces better cleaning results for you.

Does The Rotovac Work On All Types Of Carpet?

The Rotovac has a carpet pile height adjustment wheel which allows it to work on all installed over pad carpet and most commercial glue downs.

What Is The Dry Time With The Rotovac Compared To Using A Wand?

The easy answer is “it depends”.Our equipment does not over wet the carpets and mainly relies on the joint use of good chemicals/detergents, strong agitation, heat and powerful vacuum to do the cleaning. Some additional wetting may occur in places of localized heavy soiling where constant cycling of the cleaning process is necessary. All things being equal, the main factors affecting drying times are the quantity of water used to clean, the ambient temperature, air movement and relative humidity levels. In any event, the carpets will usually be touch dry 6 – 12 hours, well within a 24 hour period, but with good ventilation/air movement (preferably with a fan or fans) and with your central heating on this can be significantly reduced. The Rotovac on average leaves the carpet about 20 x drier when compared to a manual scrub wand under similar conditions.

What Is The Dry Time Using the Encapsulation Method?

In as little as 15 minutes to about two hours. Because of the quick dry time, some businesses may elect to have our company perform this service during their open hours rather than after hour service as the machine is very quiet and no water or discharge lines are present for people to trip over during service.

Why Should I have My Carpet Cleaned?

There are many reasons to have your carpets cleaned. Here are the three biggest.

  1. Health: Carpeting and fabrics not cleaned and properly maintained have the potential to cause a variety of health problems inside the home or workplace.
  2. Life of your carpet: this can be greatly extended by simple, routine professional cleaning.
  3. Appearance: maintain the original look and lustre of your carpet with regularly scheduled cleanings.
Do You Move Furniture?

When necessary, we will move and replace small furniture in its original position. Our technicians reserve the right not to move any piece of furniture or object that they do not feel comfortable with.

Here are the guidelines we use…

  1. If there is anything breakable in it, on it or around the piece of furniture it will not be moved. (ie. China and curio cabinets)
  2. If there is any risk of damaging the furniture or the carpet. (ie some woods can bleed their stain into the carpet, )
  3. If there is any risk of personal injury to the technician due to the weight of the piece of furniture.
Should I Move Aynthing?

Yes, you should remove from the areas being cleaned, all nick knacks and breakables. Also when we are cleaning your office, sensitive company data should be locked away and computers should be shut down and not left in sight.

How Long Before I Can Walk On My Freshly Cleaned Carpet?

You can walk on your carpet immediately but it is recommended that you limit traffic until completely dry; dirty footwear will re-soil the carpets faster when they are still wet. Be careful when walking from wet carpet to dry flooring because you run a chance that you will slip and fall as a result, thus we recommend not walking on the wet carpets until dry if possible.

Are The Products You Use Safe?

Yes, we use top quality cleaning products by Bridgepoint Systems. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality job available at any price! The majority of our products are: Green Seal Approved, Odor Free, Hypoallergenic, Non-Toxic, with no Enzymes, no VOC’s, are biodegradable and phosphate-free, thus are safe for pets & children. Our technicians have to work with these products every single day, so our exposure is a lot higher than it will ever be for you, your family and pets. That is why we make sure we use the safest, greenest products available for both your health and ours.

Are your techicians Experienced?

Read More About Our Certifications Here.

Will Your Service Help My Allergies?

Yes, having your carpet and furniture cleaned removes pollutants and makes for a more friendly breathing environment. In fact, a clean carpet is the most effective air filter in your home. Your carpet will filter the air your breath and trap and hold your allergens, whereas a hard floor surface does not trap your allergens and you will kick them up in the air as you walk. However, like all filters, you need to clean them regularly to maintain air filtration efficacy.

Will You Remove All My Stains?

Let us start by defining the difference between a spot and a stain: a spot is any foreign material (soil, liquid, etc.) that is removable by standard cleaning methods (the foreign material is on or around the carpet fibre).

A stain is a foreign material (soil, liquid, etc.) on carpet that is not usually removable by standard cleaning methods (the foreign material has penetrated or ‘soaked into’ fibre and has changed or damaged the fibre itself). Some stains may be very difficult or impossible to remove, particularly if they have dyed or bleached the colour from the fibre.

How Should I Deal With Spots, Spills and Stains?

Don’t panic! If you have a coffee, wine, mustard or Kool-Aid spill, the best thing to do is to blot up as much of it as possible. Never rub or scrub on the carpet as this can damage it and leave a worn out or frayed area. After blotting the stain up, if the colour from the spill remains, don’t panic. It won’t hurt to leave it in until a professional carpet tech can properly treat and fix it, because grabbing chemicals from under the sink could further damage or set the stain or worse, react with our products and cause damage. As carpet cleaning professionals, we can remove spilled ink that has been dry for years!

Does Cleaning My Carpet Make It Wear Out Faster?

No, actually dirt acts as an abrasive when trapped in your carpet or fabrics and should be removed to reduce wear.

Does Your Service Restore The Original Feel Of My Carpet?

Yes, our process leaves your carpet fresh, clean, residue-free and soft to the touch.

Should I have Carpet Protector Applied After Cleaning?

Yes, most carpet manufacturers recommend that you reapply carpet protection after a professional cleaning to restore the original stain resistance. Some manufacturers even require it as part of the warranty on the carpet.

WHat Does Carpet Protector Do?

As carpet wears the fibres get damaged or scratched. You won’t actually see the scratches but will notice this effect in the major traffic areas like hallways, stairs and in front of popular pieces of furniture. Carpet protectors like Scotchgard or DuPont Teflon help to fill minute scratches in the carpet fibres so that dirt and staining materials do not stick to them. New carpet comes with these protectors on them from the mill but they wear off with time. It is best to have the protector reapplied every couple of years to help maintain the beauty of your new carpet.

Do You Offer Carpet Protector?

Yes. All of our technicians carry a full line of chemicals on their trucks. When the technician is there he will look at the areas you need protecting and give you an exact quote.

How Do Carpet Protectors Work?

Almost all carpet protectors work by increasing the surface tension on your carpet fibre. It is this increased surface tension that has liquid spills bead up on the surface rather than soak in, thereby giving you time to find a clean cloth to blot up the spill. It also puts an invisible barrier around the fibre to keep the soils from sticking to it, allowing you to remove more soil when you vacuum so your carpets stay cleaner longer.

How Long Will Carpet Protector Last?

How long protection will last depends primarily on how much use the protected area receives and how well it is cared for. It is recommended that a professional application of fibre protector be applied after each cleaning of all carpet and fabric types, even those with built-in soil and stain protection.

Why Don't Spills Bead Up On Protected Fibers?

Some fibres may not exhibit the beading characteristic typically linked to fibre protection. This can be caused by spaces between the loosely woven carpet pile. This does not affect the stain and soil resistance and liquids can be easily blotted up even if it does not bead up.

My Carpet Is Really Old, Should I Replace It?

With the cost of replacing carpet being as expensive as it is today, it is always best to try having the carpet professionally cleaned first. It is far less costly and may make a world of difference.

Which Provides Better Indoor Air Quality, Carpet Or Hardwood?

Carpet actually acts like a ‘filter’ trapping pollutants which are then removed by professional carpet cleaning. As long as a regular cleaning schedule is maintained, carpet provides much better indoor air quality than hardwood. That includes regular vacuuming on your part between professional cleanings.

Which Requires The Most Time, Cleaning Or Rinsing?

Have you ever noticed that the wash cycle on your washing machine only lasts for few minutes and that the rest of the time is devoted to rinsing? Actually, the washing machine only has one wash cycle and several rinse cycles to get the clothes clean. Your carpet is no different and needs a thorough rinsing to be truly clean!

How Often Should I Get My Carpets Cleaned?

Every two to six months with our dry cleaning maintenance method and about once every year with the restoration cleaning method in commercial applications. The frequency will depend on the amount of traffic you have in your place of business. Don’t wait for your carpets to smell funny or look bad before having them cleaned – this may negatively affect your health and the investment in your carpet.

How Can I Keep My Carpet Clean And Looking Good Between Professional Cleanings?

We recommend that you vacuum your carpets regularly with a HEPA equipped vacuum cleaner or Central Vacuum system. Clean entranceways and high traffic areas more often and always clean up spills immediately.

What Is Your Guaranatee? Do You Guarantee Your Work?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason with your cleaning, call us within 15 days and we’ll send a technician back to your business to correct any problem. We’re happy to work with you to correct any situation that may arise.

Are You Insured?

Yes, we can provide you with a copy of our insurance certificate upon request.

Are You Certified?

Yes, we have certification for the following 3 categories:

Bridgepoint Systems Advanced Maintenance and Restoration Cleaning Procedures required to provide quality performance and workmanship for the cleaning consumer.

Canadian Green Cleaning Association “CGCA” providing our customers with the assurance that we will adhere to the CGCA Code of Ethics by using the latest technology, cleaning techniques & business practices in Green Cleaning and Environmental Stewardship while providing professional services.

Bridgepoint Systems of basic to Advanced Spot and Stain Removal required to provide quality performance and workmanship for the cleaning consumer.

We will provide copies of our certification upon request.

Change to the following please:

Yes, we have certification for the following 3 categories:

  1. We are certified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification “IICRC” in “Advanced Maintenance and Restoration Cleaning Procedures” required to provide quality performance and workmanship for the cleaning consumer.
  2. We are certified through the Canadian Green Cleaning Association “CGCA” providing our customers with the assurance that we will adhere to the CGCA Code of Ethics by using the latest technology, cleaning techniques & business practices in “Green Cleaning and Environmental Stewardship” while providing professional services.
  3. We are also certified through Bridgepoint Systems of basic to “Advanced Spot and Stain Removal” required to provide quality performance and workmanship for the cleaning consumer.


We will provide copies of our certification upon request.

What Methods Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept Cash, Debit Card or Cheques with no additional fees to our invoice. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, however, a 2.5% charge is added to the invoice for the processing fees.

What Days Are You Open?

We provide service to our customers 24 hours a day from Sunday to Friday, 6 days a week.

Our Office hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Sunday from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

For More Information Call: 204-615-7738

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