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With encapsulation cleaning you will experience faster, deep restorative cleaning in high definition, and the carpets will stay cleaner longer.

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Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

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An encapsulating cleaning surfactant is fortified with non-re-soiling polymers to create a low moisture carpet cleaning solution that encapsulates and surrounds soils that have been dislodged from the carpet surface and holds them in suspension for removal by subsequent vacuuming.

With encapsulation cleaning, you will experience faster, deep restorative cleaning in high definition, and the carpets will stay cleaner longer.

If we are cleaning a lot of dull looking residential or commercial carpet, Encapsulation Cleaning works extremely effectively as a low moisture solution to clean and brighten the appearance of the carpet. In addition, this process of cleaning is extremely effective on carpets subjected to a high amount of coffee and beverage spills. The coffee stains will disappear while we are cleaning.

The cleaning and soil removing power of our encapsulation cleaner is intensified by very aggressive agitation from our counter-rotating cylindrical brush machine.   This agitation helps separate ground-in soils from the carpet and makes the carpet look much better. Encapsulation is generally seen by carpet mills and many carpet cleaners as the best way to clean as it provides superior appearance improvement results without the residue issues with many bonnet cleaners that lead to rapid re-soiling.

We spray down our encapsulation cleaner on the carpet through a quite battery powered auto sprayer. We then agitate it in with our high powered CRB machine and then allow the carpet to dry which generally takes between 2 to 4 hours. This should be followed by a detailed vacuuming at your next scheduled interval.

The polymers left behind by the cleaning process do not allow the carpet to re-soil faster (a common problem with bonnet cleaning and other low moisture methods), and actually help the carpet’s appearance by keeping soils from becoming deeply embedded into the carpet pile. They also prevent or reduce the occurrence of spills or soiling wicking to the surface following our cleaning.

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This company provides great service with great pricing. My carpets are looking brand new. I'm very happy with there service.

Dorian Mann

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Was very pleased with the quality of work and the comfort of having these gentlemen in our home. Will definitely use them again if the need arises.

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I definitely recommend these guys! I have a decent size office space and was considering replacing the carpet. After they performed their restoration service the carpet looks almost new!

Don D

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They can be your one-stop destination for fulfilling your cleaning needs. I am really thankful to their dedicated and friendly staffs. Good service, highly recommended!

John Marino

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I had a dining room and living room done by this company. They gave me a time of arrival and called 30 minutes before they arrived. They were very good at communicating what we could expect from the cleaning (some of the stains were very bad), but we were extremely happy with the results. Everything looks and smells fresh. I didn't notice any strong chemical smell during or after cleaning. I believe I got good value for the money spent and would not hesitate to recommend them.


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I am very happy with their method of cleaning tile and grout. The behavior and attentiveness of their staff is really admirable. Keep up the good work!

Steve Telle

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