Quick Dry Cleaning

At C & C Carpet Cleaning, we have a passion for hot water extraction. So much so, that it took a lot to convince us that any other process had a place in the professional carpet cleaning world. When the Hos Orbot Sprayborg came out a few years ago, we were convinced. The Hos Orbot Sprayborg is an incredibly versatile machine for commercial carpet cleaning, VCT floor stripping, wood floor care, and it is unbelievable on tile & grout restoration. The encapsulation technology has not only benefited professional carpet cleaners needing to fit into the “green cleaning” arena, but it has also helped those involved in LEEDS building requirements and specifications. Encapsulation cleaning has a real place in the carpet cleaning market, and it is a perfect low moisture cleaning choice to offer our customers for either ongoing carpet cleaning maintenance or interim cleaning between hot water extraction cleanings with our Portable Rotovac Restoration cleaning unit.

How Environ Works with Orbital Drive Technology

Most dry soil in a commercial or residential carpet can be readily removed by routine dry vacuuming. However, it’s the oily and sticky soils that attract and hold dry soil to the carpet fibers. The result is a dull, gray, and ugly appearance. To effectively remove these soil particles from the carpet fibers, the right amount of agitation is needed. Orbital drive technology is the answer.The orbital drive of the Orbot generates hundreds of small oscillations that spin at roughly 1725 revolutions per minute. This orbital drive pattern allows for all sides of the carpet fibers to be agitated and therefore all of the soil will be effectively removed from the carpet fiber. To ensure that the agitated soil will not stick to the carpet fiber again, a Polymer is needed to trap and encapsulate these soil particles. The polymer element in our Enzyme Based Encapsulator will form distinct crystals when it dries. These crystals are the principal vehicles that stop wicking or the recurrence of stains. They also enable the soil particles to be extracted through post-vacuuming, which keeps carpets cleaner for longer periods of time.

Some of the main features of the Orbot SprayBorg are:

  • Utilizes a Low-Moisture Green Encapsulation system for carpet cleaning

  • Conserves water

  • Carpets are dry in minutes

  • Eliminates recurring stains

  • Lifts and rejuvenates carpet pile

  • Cleans tile, grout, VCT, wood, marble and more

  • Prevents Wicking, yellowing of carpets