Restoration Cleaning

Elite Restoration Carpet Cleaning is recommended for heavily to extremely soiled carpets.

For more aggressive cleaning, the Rotary Restoration carpet cleaning method is generally used on abused or extremely soiled carpet using the Rotovac 360i that brings heavily-soiled carpets back to life. Rotary heads clean from all directions with hundreds of cleaning passes, the high-torque motor keeps the quality consistent throughout the entire process. Restores matted traffic areas and removes tough stains and any shadowing that the manual wand might leave behind. Before you throw that dirty old carpet away, give us a call!

Some people find they have to keep trying a different carpet cleaning company every year because the last carpet cleaner left the carpet soggy wet for days and the spots returned almost immediately! It's true that if it's not properly rinsed, the cleaned carpets can feel sticky from being full of soap residue and attract dirt faster. The Rotovac 360i is a Patented Rotary Jet Extractor that utilizes rotary vacuum heads to thoroughly deep clean carpet with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes.

Our professional-grade deep-steam cleaners are far superior to the carpet cleaning units you can rent and do yourself. Using professional equipment is far superior, by using hot water and our ultimate pre spray chemicals, you can be sure that your carpets are completely cleaned and sanitized. Why expend your time, money and energy to achieve only a partially clean carpet? Getting the pro's to help you out has never been more affordable and effective.

At C & C Carpet Cleaning we perform the following:

  • Carpet Audit

  • Treatment with our Ultimate Pre-spray solution

  • Spotting and traffic lane treatment

  • 250 passes per minute rotary agitation

  • Crevice and Edge Cleaning

  • Hot water rinse & extraction

  • Carpet Grooming

  • Drying using powerful air movers during the cleaning process

These steps are performed on every job we do. These carpet cleaning services are included in the price and are not extra charges.

Vacuuming the Carpet

Vacuuming to remove the dirt should always be the first step of the carpet cleaning process Now all that is left is the sticky stuff that won’t break loose out of the fiber. Now what?

PreSpray the Carpet

The next step is to pre spray a cleaning solution onto your carpet. The purpose of the prespray is to break the bond between the dirt and carpet. There’s some chemistry involved here. The job of the cleaning solution is to cancel the electrostatic charge, neutralize the ph and prepare the soil to be removed from the surface. Of course we use environmentally friendly solutions. Our pre-spray solution is Industrial strength, Green Seal Certified, Soap free, no enzymes, Odor free, Non Toxic, is Hypoallergenic and contains no VOC’s that is in line with our Healthier Cleaning Concepts.

Agitation of the Carpet

Once the prespray has been applied, we agitate it into the carpet fibers. Now this is pretty important step. One that is often ignored by many other carpet cleaners.

Imagine standing in the shower and you’re going to wash your hair. You squeeze some shampoo into your hand, pat it on your head without scrubbing your scalp and rinse. Chances are, your hair is still pretty dirty. This is what a lot of carpet cleaners are doing to your carpets.

How Rinsing and Extracting the Carpet Works

The Rotovac 360 employs a patented process of Rotary Jet Extraction cleaning. The cleaning head has three spray jets followed by three vacuum slots. The high torque motor powers the cleaning head in a rotational motion up to 250 RPM to produce 750 rotary cleaning passes per minute. The Rotovac is attached to our powerfull portable unit that is inside your premises adding security to your business as no exterior doors are required to be open to perform our services unlike truck mount units.

By following these procedures, you get a far superior carpet cleaning, which feels better underfoot and looks great! Best of all, because all of the cleaning solution has been neutralized and removed, it won’t be still in your carpet attracting dirt. So that means, longer time in between cleanings! On top of that, we won’t charge you all of the “extras” that those bargain companies are charging, once they are in the door. So in the end, you end up saving more money, and having a much better experience, by not just shopping for the cheapest rate, but looking at the quality service that C & C Carpet Cleaning will provide!

Our Carpet Cleaning Benefits to You:

  • Removes carpet traffic patterned areas

  • Breaks up and removes deeply embedded soil in your carpet

  • Adds life to your commercial carpet

  • Grooms the nap

  • The results speak for themselves. At C & C Carpet Cleaning we take the time to give your carpets a deep thorough cleaning. Not only do we go to great lengths to make sure your carpet is clean, but also dry.